Goustera Technology and Building Methods

Goustera puts a high priority on modern facilities that meet the requirements of international partners, and ensure the quality of the fruit throughout the whole process. The companies BIENTER and EUROKAT helped as in the period of building to reach a high level. 

Environmentally friendly location: The Goustera buildings and facilities are situated on an industrial estate not far from the cultivation areas owned by the company, with good transport links to the motorway, the airport and the new sea-trading port. The fertile land is protected and urban sprawl is avoided.  

Modern technology: An Italian-made sorting plant is able to sort up to 9 tons of fruit an hour, via 13 gates.

Performance and environmental protection: The fruit is cooled in computer-operated cold storage rooms with a capacity of up to 900 tons. The most up-to-date standards (controlled atmosphere, ethylene burners, etc.) as well as the environmentally friendly refrigerant 507 guarantee fresh and uncontaminated fruit.

With the environment in mind: The offices and staff rooms are heated or air-conditioned with energy efficient, geothermal techniques.

Renewable energies: a 100 KW solar power installation is built on the roof, which produces a high proportion of the necessary electricity required. This installation is designed so that it contributes to the insulation of the buildings as well.

Rainwater: The plants outside are irrigated with rainwater.

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